Sunday, March 28, 2010


It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine and NO WIND! Thank the Lord! We are grateful for a nice day after a few days of snow and we finally spent some time on our deck again and went on a nice walk!

Gabe has a very busy schedule at the church right now because we are right in the middle of Crown/Thorn season (the Easter performances). So this weekend was very full for him! Yesterday, Gabe's parents came to watch the Thorn and I got to see it as well. Such a powerful production! Every year I see it, I am reminded of how GREAT and how REAL Jesus' love is for ALL of US!! The sacrifice he made for us on the CROSS is one that just overwhelms my heart! I am SO thankful for his love and forgiveness!

Today, Avery had fun playing with some snow on our deck! It felt great to soak in some Vitamin D today! I love sunshine!

This was yesterday...wishing she could go out and play! Way too cold though...

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