Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye...

Avery and Jane have become such great and cute friends over the last year. It has been so much fun having the Swishers live here in the Springs. But now it's time for us to say goodbye. It's very sad because Avery and Jane are finally starting to play "together". Over the last year, most of our playdates were spent managing their "sharing". Yes, they still fight over toys, but they are so cute together. I love watching them play! We had the Swishers over for dinner last week for the final time before they move this upcoming weekend. The girls played with their babies in the backyard and were just darling! We also let them play alone in Avery's room and they did so well together...well, atleast for a little while. They are moving to Greeley, so thankfully we will still get to see them, but we will definitely miss our frequent playdates!

Swisher family, we have so enjoyed having you live here in the Springs. We didn't get together enough with all of us, but I cherish the times us girls (and Henry) got to hang out. It will always be such a memory taking swim lessons together, drinking Starbucks or Sonic as the girls play, meeting at parks/Focus, etc. We love you guys and wish you the best in your next season! Of course we will keep in touch and we look forward to meeting up in Denver or seeing you in Greeley! Thank you for being such sweet friends!

It was fun having a final playdate at Chick-fil-a today! The girls are the cutest when they hug, wish we would have caught that on camera!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Do you see a theme here? I can't seem to get a grip! I feel behind on a lot of life's "to do's" and I can't seem to figure out how to get everything accomplished. Whether its blogging, laundry, cleaning, printing out photos ( I''m way behind), random projects, etc. I am just plain behind in life. Does anyone else feel like this? I hope I'm not the only one...

I'm not giving up though!

A few weekends ago, I took the girls up to Denver to see some of my family. My half sister, Cindy, and her daughter Kendall were visiting from Florida. They had never met the girls so it was great to have a pool day with them! We always love seeing Grandma and Grandpa too!

Avery had so much fun with Kendall! Kendall was so sweet to help me with the girls throughout the day! She is such a sweet 9 year old!

My sister, Cindy

Grandma and Avery shared an ice cream cone!

Pure delight!

Sophie slept in the shade while at the pool

So much fun swimming with Grandma!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Memory Lane

On Thursday we made a trip up to Ft. Collins to celebrate the 30th birthday of our friend Bobby. Since Gabe has to work all weekend for his BASE56 retreat we decided he should take half the day off on Thursday so we could have a family day up there. It was fun taking Gabe to CSU's campus for the first time to show him around my old stomping grounds. It certainly brought back so many college memories good and bad. Most of all, it was nice to spend time as a family while we walked around campus on such a beautiful day!

Have I mentioned what an incredible Daddy Gabe is? He sure loves his girls!

Sophie was dressed for the occasion!

Having fun in the student center. She ran around and played while I nursed Sophie. Never thought six years ago that I would be nursing there...how things have changed! I'm so thankful they have!

She amazes me by how fast she is!

"Purple Castle"

Last week my Mom, Uncle Bill and Cousin Paul who are both from South Carolina stayed with us. They had planned for a "hiking week" for quite some time and it was finally time to check a 14ner or two off their list. My mom has done quite a few now. On their rest days we were able to hang out with them. One of the days, we went to Garden of the Gods and experienced the "purple castle" with them. The "purple castle" is a very old and tiny restuarant downtown that my sisters have recommended. Avery loved eating in the "purple castle"! This place literally has about six seats! It was a great local experience and the food was delicious! We went for lunch, but I have heard their breakfast is yummy too! The actual name is King's Chef Diner so if you live in the Springs you should go experience it for yourselves!

Avery and Cousin Paul sitting at the counter in the "Purple Castle"

St. Francis Fair Weekend

Last weekend we went out to St. Francis to take the girls to the Fair. It's such a great Fair, with the cutest rides for little ones. And...the rides are about 25 cents each!

Avery wanted to ride the cars first...

She looks concerned, but she was ok at this point...

This is how the ride ended! She wanted off about midway through the ride. Unfortunately, this ride scarred her. She didn't want to ride anything else, she was perfectly happy simply watching the rides, running around, and eating snow cones and popcorn! She spent most of her tickets at the duck pond where she received prize after prize! That was more up her alley!

Trying to convince Avery to ride the train with me. We got in it and she started crying..."no choo choo" she said over and over. I couldn't make her stay on. She was set on not riding anymore rides.

The following morning we went to the parade...