Friday, August 12, 2011

St. Francis Fair Weekend

Last weekend we went out to St. Francis to take the girls to the Fair. It's such a great Fair, with the cutest rides for little ones. And...the rides are about 25 cents each!

Avery wanted to ride the cars first...

She looks concerned, but she was ok at this point...

This is how the ride ended! She wanted off about midway through the ride. Unfortunately, this ride scarred her. She didn't want to ride anything else, she was perfectly happy simply watching the rides, running around, and eating snow cones and popcorn! She spent most of her tickets at the duck pond where she received prize after prize! That was more up her alley!

Trying to convince Avery to ride the train with me. We got in it and she started crying..."no choo choo" she said over and over. I couldn't make her stay on. She was set on not riding anymore rides.

The following morning we went to the parade...

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