Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prego Pose!

Cheesey prego pose at 21 weeks!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Jenkins is a GIRL!!!

We found out yesterday...Baby Jenkins is a GIRL! We couldn't be more thrilled! The ultrasound was overall amazing! We are very thankful to say, she is very strong and healthy! The Lord answered all of our prayers. I had been praying that it would be very obvious whether baby was a boy or girl. Immediately when we started the ultrasound, she showed off who she was! The technician said in the first minute, "yep, she's definitely a girl". Gabe has thought for the entire pregnancy that she was a girl, and I later found out yesterday that the Lord actually told him she would be a girl. He heard the Lord correctly, she's all girl! She wasn't very enthused with being poked, but she did cooperate enough for us to see her beautiful body movements. Our hearts were filled with so much joy yesterday! We couldn't stop smiling and we are so excited to see our beautiful little baby girl!


One of my new favorite stores, Motherhood Maternity. I always thought I wouldn't be a huge fan of maternity clothes, I thought wrong! I visited Motherhood for the first time the other night, I quickly learned that I could have bought half the store! The clothes feel amazing!! Up until now, I have been wearing my Bella Bands with my skirts for work and also my jeans on the weekends. As I have gotten bigger though, every time I sit down and get back up, I have to completely readjust what I'm wearing. I thought I could make that work for the entire pregnancy, I thought wrong! Maternity clothes, especially the jeans, are a little piece for Heaven! I love them. I walked out of that store with 2 pairs of jeans, a jean skirt (which is the best skirt every made), and a cute shirt I found on sale! I was very impressed by the reasonable prices at Motherhood. For some reason I always thought Motherhood would be super expensive, once again, I thought wrong! I came home the other night with such joy in my heart...I actually felt pretty again wearing the jeans I bought! I told Gabe over and over again, how much I loved Motherhood! I can't wait to go back!