Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sophie's 3rd Birthday!

Our Sophie Joy turned 3!!

Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with Muttie to celebrate!

Ready for her party!

 Birthday morning!

We love our Sophie so much! 
She truly has added so much joy to our lives!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gabe's Graduation!

We are so beyond proud of Gabe! He recently graduated from his master's program. And not only did Gabe receive his Master's in Counseling from CCU, but he was given the opportunity to address his graduate class (which he did flawlessly), he received an award for most outstanding graduate student, and was an incredible husband and Daddy throughout the entire three years!

Gabe is carrying the counseling flag...

So proud of the speech you delivered, Gabe! 
I am honored to be your wife!

 Owen didn't feel well, but thankfully that meant he slept through the entire ceremony!

Thank you to all our parents for the support you have given us throughout this journey! We are beyond blessed by our family and love you all so much!!

Now we're excited to breathe a little, enjoy the summer and have Gabe home most nights!!  It's been a journey!

Great job, GABE!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Deep Waters: God's Invitation To Go Deeper

Gabe's book is now available!!
If you're looking for a great inspiring read and want to be challenged, this is the book for you! 
It's available through the link at the bottom of this post, or on Amazon !

Also, if you're interested in reading the first chapter, head over to Gabe's BLOG

 God is inviting each of us into deeper spiritual waters. He beckons us to leave the comfort and “safety” of shallow water behind in order to experience the life we were created for. As we possess the courage to follow Jesus, He’ll surely lead us into “deep water”: the deep water of the Heavenly Father’s heart, the deep water of our individual hearts, and the deep and living water of the Holy Spirit. The result will be a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God and a greater understanding of our identity as His sons and daughters.

What others have said:

“Get ready for a ride. Gabe takes you into the heart of God. It’s vast, real and worth the journey.”
Douglas Weiss, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Heart to Heart Counseling Center

Gabe Jenkins shows spiritual maturity beyond his years in his book, Deep Waters. This is a calling toward deep relationship and spiritual awareness. Gabe takes his readers on an authentic journey to the more that God has for us in terms of an intimate relationship with Jesus, the deep waters of God’s heart, deep waters of our own hearts, and the deep living waters of the Holy Spirit. It is a must-read for those seeking to provide Christian counsel and spiritual direction. His book is both thought and heart-provoking for those who dare to take the journey toward deep heart and soul living of experiential Christianity. His book is a treasure to read, and it will provide rich nuggets for those who desire and seek after God.”
Dale A. Piper, Psy.D.
Program Director
Masters of Arts in Counseling
Colorado Christian University

“I am thrilled that Gabe wrote this book! He is one of the finest young leaders I know and this book will be a huge blessing to everyone who wants to journey into the Deep Waters.”
Brady Boyd

Senior Pastor, New Life Church
Colorado Springs, Colorado