Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gabe's Graduation!

We are so beyond proud of Gabe! He recently graduated from his master's program. And not only did Gabe receive his Master's in Counseling from CCU, but he was given the opportunity to address his graduate class (which he did flawlessly), he received an award for most outstanding graduate student, and was an incredible husband and Daddy throughout the entire three years!

Gabe is carrying the counseling flag...

So proud of the speech you delivered, Gabe! 
I am honored to be your wife!

 Owen didn't feel well, but thankfully that meant he slept through the entire ceremony!

Thank you to all our parents for the support you have given us throughout this journey! We are beyond blessed by our family and love you all so much!!

Now we're excited to breathe a little, enjoy the summer and have Gabe home most nights!!  It's been a journey!

Great job, GABE!!

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