Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Thanksgiving fun...Part II

The second segment of our Thanksgiving fun was spent with Gabe's family. Muttie and Pop Pop, Grandpa and Grandma Sharp, Jayne and all the cousins came over. We had a nice Thanksgiving meal at our house, went to the park and just hung out. The next day we went up to Denver to see Riverdance at the Buell Theatre. Jayne's sweet parents watched all the cousins while we went to see Riverdance. I was nervous about leaving Avery, but she did pretty well and I knew Jayne's mom would do great with her! It was nice for Gabe and I to have some time together. Riverdance was absolutely amazing! I told Gabe after the show that it was very good for my "momma's soul". What incredibly talented dancers, musicians and singers! Wow! I was very impressed. After the show we picked up the kids and went to dinner at Traildust. The little girls just love the Traildust, and Avery loved the music and dancing. Thank you so much Muttie and Pop Pop for such a fun day!! We all had a blast! Thanks also for coming to stay with us, it was wonderful to have you!

We all missed Scott (Gabe's brother). He is still in Iraq serving our country! We love you Scott! We look forward to you coming home in January!

Look at these sweet cousins!

Avery and I dancing at Traildust

Brody boy, he is so chill!

Brody with his Momma!

Dancing with Pop Pop

Align Center
All the cousins! Muttie bought all of the girls matching dresses...they all looked darling! And Brody is such a stud in his little sweater vest!

At the Beull Theater
Snuggling into his Uncle Gabe!

Grandma and Grandpa Sharp

Avery and Brody checking eachother out

Avery greeting all of her cousins...Amy, Lydia, Ava, and Brody

Our Thanksgiving fun...Part I

Our Thanksgiving fun was split into two segments. On Thanksgiving day, my mom (Yaya) and a few friends came over to our new house. We were so excited to host Thanksgiving for the first time. My mom was so sweet to help me cook and learn how to cook my first turkey. She came down on Wednesday,so we did a lot of the cooking and preparing of the yummy side dishes that day. Then we took a nice walk in our new neighborhood and took Avery to our cute park. She had a blast swinging! Avery loves spending time with her Yaya. It was so nice to have enough room for her to actually stay with us! Thanks for coming mom!

It was such a joy to have people over for Thanksgiving. Gabe and I have been looking forward to the day when we could host for a long time! We are so thankful for this home for that very reason!

Heather and Jared are new to Colorado Springs. They are newlyweds, married for 5 months and recently moved here from Buffalo, NY! They are such a sweet couple and we have really enjoyed getting to know them!

Amanda is a dear friend. She has served with us in the Children's department at church for quite some time now. She has such a giving heart so it was fun to spend Thanksgiving with her.

Such a big girl!

The desserts! Peach pie, my mom's homemade pumpkin pie and Heather's homemade carrot cake! They were all so delicious!

So happy (and giddy) about hosting our first guests in our new home!

My mom did so much to help us pull off our first Thanksgiving! Thanks mom for all of your hard work! Your food was a HIT!
Making homemade whip cream

The array of food...stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, my mom's famous rice and mushroom dish, TURKEY, mashed potatoes, rolls and salad!

I made stuffed mushrooms for one of the appetizers, Avery liked nibbling on the mushroom. I think she liked the juices because...
When Gabe took it away, she started throwing this fit! It was pretty funny!
Jared and Heather


Helping us cook!

At the park with Yaya

She loves to swing!

New House...

We just love the new house so far! Soon enough you will all get a digital tour! But for now...here are just a few sneak peak pictures!

She was tuckered out from all the decorating and organizing!

Having fun in her new front yard! She was literally eating dirt!

View from our back deck...the Air Force Academy

View from the front porch...Pikes Peak!

Avery is so proud that she can pull up on the stair railing, she loves to look over at us!