Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Program

Avery had her preschool Christmas Program this week!
 It was short and sweet, but she had a very important "line" in the play...

"Jesus came as a baby for me. My gift to Him is my heart"!
Talk about melting a Momma's heart. We practiced her line many times in the weeks leading up to the program and she nailed it! So proud of her!

 Daddy helping her decorate her cookie...

I tried to get a few photos before heading to her program...
Love these faces!

 I pray they always have a special sister relationship and friendship!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Week...

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I went up to Denver for my friend Amy's baby shower. She'll be welcoming her baby boy sometime in January! We've been friends since the first grade, so it was a joy to see her and celebrate her boy on the way! I was also thankful to see the rest of these amazing women, so thankful for lifetime friends!

 Jess and her daughter Lily, Ashley, Me and Owen, Amy and Meagan!
 I've been blessed by these women for many, many years now!

After the baby shower, Owen and I hung out at my Dad's house for the afternoon. My brother and his family arrived from California and my sister Jenny was in town with her family! I was thankful they got to meet Owen for the first time. It was also sweet to see Owen bond with Grandpa. He had so much to say to Grandpa whenever he held him...so cute!

We spent our Thanksgiving in Greeley. 
You can't go to Greeley without making a trip to the Fun Plex!

Avery and Jane
So thankful our friends, the Swisher's, met us there. We were happy to meet their new addition, Peter!
Every time I see Avery and Jane together I'm reminded of how much I miss the Swisher's living in the Springs. I love how Jane and Avery always pick up their friendship where they left off. Maybe someday we'll live in the same city again! Don't you guys want to move back?

 Avery and cousin Kyle...

 My sister in law, Cathy and sweet little Audrey...

 Dave and Audrey

 Owen loves his Yaya!

This girl is growing up!!

Owen was very loved on...

 Gabe and the girls made their first pumpkin pie!

We had such beautiful weather!
 The kids spent a lot of time outside...

 Gabe was in high demand for under dogs...

 I'm beyond thankful for this man!

 Sweet father/son moment...

 Sophie loves her cousin Audrey!

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for!
A big thank you to my Mom for hosting all of us!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Newborn Photos

The very talented and my sweet friend, Ali Farmer, photographed Owen in the first week of his life! She recently started her own photography business, Enjoying Now Photography, and we were so blessed to be one of her first clients! It was primarily a newborn photo session, but she was so sweet and generous to take a few photos of all of us!

If you live in the Denver/ Colorado Springs area and you're looking for a fantastic photographer, Ali is your girl!



Thank you Ali, for coming to our home and capturing these moments with our sweet boy! It was wonderful to see you and we so appreciate you!