Friday, February 25, 2011

Keeping Busy!

Last weekend Gabe was at State Wrestling in Denver for 3 days, so Avery and I kept busy, busy while he was gone. I started on and nearly finished painting her dresser for her "Big Girl" room. We bought this dresser off the curb before we moved out of our apartment over a year ago. I had always planned to paint it for our guest room, but never got around to it. Since Avery needed a dresser for her new room, I decided to use that one and just repaint it white. It was very chipped and gross looking. Now it looks so fresh and beautiful! I'm very happy with how it looks now. I just need to buy new knobs for the drawers and it will be completely finished. Stay tuned for those photos! I can't wait to show you the finished product of her new room! It's starting to look REALLY cute and "Big Girlish"!

I'm totally in the nesting phase...

Also during the weekend, I broke Avery of her PACI! Whew...it's a relief to be able to say that! I'm so thankful I met my goal. I had always planned on taking it away by the time she was 2. Her 2nd birthday is creeping up on me, so I knew it was time! The first few naps and nighttimes were the hardest, but after that she stopped asking for it. I cut off two of her paci's and gave them to her babies. She always has to have two babies in her bed, so I tried to get her to understand paci's are for her babies. I told her over and over how sweet that was of her to give her babies her paci's. That seemed to work. Anytime she would ask for it, I just said "Your babies have paci's". I'm just so proud of her! It took major discipline on both our parts, but it's done and I'm so thankful!

One of the mornings I took Avery to Focus on the Family to play. She loves it there! I forgot my camera, so unfortunately I didn't get any photos of her playing in the airplane! It was such a fun girls weekend, but we were really happy when Daddy got home!

This girl loves her babies! I can't wait to see her with her baby sister!

She loves changing her baby's diaper now, she is such a little Momma! She is now sleeping in her little sisters room until we finish her room. It will probably be awhile until she actually sleeps in her new room though, we will have to make the transition into a big girl bed in order for that to happen. I'm in no rush to get her in the "Big Girl" bed, I'm just happy that she is over her PACI. Both rooms are down to the finishing touches! :)

This is what a busy, almost 2 year old does when her mommy is painting. Climbs into the sink on her own and plays with the old hardware from the dresser! She was so cute I just had to take a picture. Don't worry, I could see her from where I was painting. She played up there for atleast 20 mins!

The painting project in progress...

Here are the lastest belly photos!
Weeks 25,26, and 27

27 Weeks

Here is my 27 Week photo from Avery's pregnancy!

I think I'm bigger and lower this time round...what do you think?

26 Weeks

25 Weeks

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Valentine's Day

What a sweet heart day it was. We never make a huge deal of Valentine's Day, but Gabe was so sweet to surprise me in many ways. He started with waking up super early to make breakfast for me after I got home from the gym, flowers, brought me lunch at work, thoughtful notes, and he cleaned the house!. What a wonderful husband! We enjoyed a fun Valentine's date to Qdoba as a family. Looks like we have a theme going...we went to Chipotle last year! :)

Avery and I made Daddy a special Valentine ...he loved it!

Gabe surprised me with these beautiful flowers!

My two Valentine's!

Friday, February 11, 2011

We love Fridays!

We love Fridays! We get to hang out with Gabe/Daddy! This weekend is regionals wrestling, so we made the most of our Friday morning!

Gabe and Avery had fun working out together!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Belly Growth

I had originally wanted to take weekly prego photos, but I am behind. I started taking weekly photos at week 22. So here are the latest photos of the baby girl belly growth!

I'm definitely growing a lot faster with this pregnancy. It has me a little nervous about what week 40 will look like!

24 weeks

23 weeks

22 weeks

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Madi turns 16!

My little step sister, Madi, turned 16 last week. It's still so hard to believe how fast she has grown up!

It was fun celebrating her sweet 16 with her at Maggiano's in Denver. Hope you had a sweet birthday Mads!

My two cute step sisters...Ash and Madi

Avery and Aunt Diana were buddies for the night!

Denver Aquarium

Last week my sister and her husband Adam were in Denver for a day because Adam had a job interview. They live in Durango, so we don't get to see them as much as we would like. But because they were going to be in Denver, we spent the day up there in order to see them. While Adam was at his interview and Jenny went into her office (she works from afar), my mom and I took Avery and her cousin Coby to the Aquarium. Last minute, Gabe decided to take the morning off to join us! That was so much fun having him go with us! He has wanted to take Avery there for a long time, so I'm glad he could come! Mom, thanks for treating us to such a fun day! Avery absolutely loved running around the Aqaurium and seeing all the big fish! We even saw a mermaid show!

After the Aqaurium we hung out with Jenny and Adam for a little while. They met us where we were having lunch and then I went to my Dad's with them to hang out for a bit. It was great to see them and my cute nephew Coby. He is such a sweet, sweet baby. He didn't fuss at all at the Aqaurium!

Avery got to see her Grandpa for a little bit, which you can tell she was happy about!

Jenny and Coby

Checking out the rays

There was a tiger at the aqaurium! Gabe loved it of course!

Such a sweet Yaya, her grandkids sure love her!

Coby giving Avery kisses