Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fun in the SUN!

We spent a lot of time enjoying the sun today! I took Avery to a park to swing and play for awhile. It's quite a big play area, so she was a little overwhelmed, but she loved swinging!

We ate dinner on our deck tonight, thanks to Muttie and Pop Pop, who recently bought us a beautiful patio furniture set! We absolutely love it! We plan to eat dinner out there every night this summer! Avery also enjoyed eating in the sun, so much that she decided it would be a great idea to put food in her hair. What do you think of her new do?

Check it out!


This is the life!! Just gearing up for vacation...

Sharing an apple with Daddy!

We had a blast together at the park! She had fun watching all of the other kids play...it was packed with mommas and kids!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine and NO WIND! Thank the Lord! We are grateful for a nice day after a few days of snow and we finally spent some time on our deck again and went on a nice walk!

Gabe has a very busy schedule at the church right now because we are right in the middle of Crown/Thorn season (the Easter performances). So this weekend was very full for him! Yesterday, Gabe's parents came to watch the Thorn and I got to see it as well. Such a powerful production! Every year I see it, I am reminded of how GREAT and how REAL Jesus' love is for ALL of US!! The sacrifice he made for us on the CROSS is one that just overwhelms my heart! I am SO thankful for his love and forgiveness!

Today, Avery had fun playing with some snow on our deck! It felt great to soak in some Vitamin D today! I love sunshine!

This was yesterday...wishing she could go out and play! Way too cold though...

Friday, March 26, 2010

More from Mom's Celebration Weekend!

While Mom and Steph ( unfortunately Jenny had to take off early) were in town for Mom's 60th celebration, we spent an afternoon at Garden of the Gods. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day! Beautiful!

Such a happy Yaya!

Avery loves her Yaya!

She had fun playing with the rocks and trying to eat them!

With Mommy and Auntie Stephie!

Happy Birthday Ma! Youngest looking 60 year old I've ever seen!

Sisters! ( Wish you were with us JJ)

Snow snow snow...

This is what happens on snow days...

Avery unloads the pantry (ok, maybe not only on snow days), but usually I put a stop to it before she gets carried away. Today...I decided to let her have some fun with the paper plates! She sure did!

Maybe I should actually organize my pantry!
Anyone else ready for the warm spring weather to come and STAY!??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Avery is officially and completely weaned from nursing for a week now! She has done surprisingly well with skipping her bedtime nursing session and not nursing at all! I was very worried about weaning her, but she is such a big girl! We have changed up her bedtime routine and will hopefully settle into a new one sometime soon. I think I had a harder time with weaning; I miss all the cuddle time we used to get! Plus, its been a very painful week, but each day gets much better! I just can't believe she isn't nursing anymore! Now my goal is to get her to like whole or soy milk sometime soon. Right now...she hates both! This week was such a success and I'm so proud of how well she has done!

She spilled her O's on the floor and had fun eating them up! Trust me...I didn't let her eat all of them!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mom's 60th Celebration

This weekend we celebrated my Mom's 60th birthday! Both of my sisters flew in for this special celebration. We took my Mom to the Brown Palace in Denver for high tea! The Brown Palace is a special place for our family, so we thought it would be fun to celebrate Mom there! They have the most wonderful afternoon tea, so we definitely enjoyed ourselves. It is all about the entire experience...delicious scones and all! Avery went with Daddy to crown rehearsal at church, so that the four of us women could go to tea! More pictures to come, my sister took most of the pictures.

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you so much!

Outside the Brown Palace Hotel

Mom and Jenny

Mom and Steph

All four of us!

She looks beautiful!

Busy Weekend

To kick off our busy weekend, Muttie and Pop Pop came to visit! We spent practically an entire day finding the perfect patio furniture set for our house. It was such a sweet gift to us for my birthday and house warming gift. Thank you so much guys! We are so excited for the warm weather so we can sit outside on our deck and enjoy it! We also went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Muttie's birthday. Avery loved her mac & cheese! It was the first time we actually ordered her something at a restaurant. She kept going back and forth between Mommy and Daddy wanting to give goooooey kisses! It was so cute! I'll take gooooooey mac & cheese kisses from Avery any day!

We were supposed to go skiing with Muttie and Pop Pop on Friday, but as we were heading up to Denver to take Avery to Grandma and Grandpa's, I-70 was closed due to the blizzard! So we ended up just going to my Dad's to hang out. Gabe and I still got to go on a lunch and movie date which was so much fun! Sadly we didn't take a picture, but we hadn't seen a movie in the theaters since I was pregnant. We saw Blind Side which we both loved! I'm sad I didn't take any pictures of Avery with Grandma and Grandpa! She had a blast hanging out at their house!

Yummy Mac & Cheese at Texas Roadhouse!

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