Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Avery is officially and completely weaned from nursing for a week now! She has done surprisingly well with skipping her bedtime nursing session and not nursing at all! I was very worried about weaning her, but she is such a big girl! We have changed up her bedtime routine and will hopefully settle into a new one sometime soon. I think I had a harder time with weaning; I miss all the cuddle time we used to get! Plus, its been a very painful week, but each day gets much better! I just can't believe she isn't nursing anymore! Now my goal is to get her to like whole or soy milk sometime soon. Right now...she hates both! This week was such a success and I'm so proud of how well she has done!

She spilled her O's on the floor and had fun eating them up! Trust me...I didn't let her eat all of them!

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Nathan and Dani said...

Congrats Ashley! I know how hard it is as the mommy to give up that time together. You should try giving her Horizon Organic Whole Milk with added DHA & Vitamin D. It tastes really yummy, Jane loves it. It is a little expensive, but so good for them. Avery is such a doll, love seeing pictures!