Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bobby and Ali's Wedding

Yesterday we took a day trip up to Estes Park for Bobby and Ali's wedding. Gabe and Bobby grew up together in St. Francis, and now Bobby and Ali are on staff with Campus Crusade at CSU in Ft. Collins. It was a beautiful wedding at a small chapel at the YMCA of the Rockies. We didn't get much time in Estes, but we had fun stopping at a Chick-fil-a along the way. Avery needed a break from the car...and, we all love Chick-fil-a anyway! Can you tell we have found a new family restaurant? It has a great atmosphere for Avery and she loves checking out the play area! We are no longer parents to a baby...we have a toddler!! So hard to believe!

Gabe had to be there early because he was in the wedding, so Avery and I walked for a bit around the YMCA. The wind was so cold though, so we ended up hanging out in the car for quite awhile! I actually got dressed for the wedding in the car and then we went and hung out with Gabe before the wedding started. Avery was so tired before the reception started, but she hung in there and made it to the dancing. She was such a cutie on the dance floor! She definitely slept hard on our 2.5 hour drive home!

Playing in the car to pass time...

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