Monday, March 8, 2010

Avery's Party Weekend- Part III

Here are the final pictures from Avery's birthday bash! She was so cute with her cake. She wasn't really digging in so we tried to encourage her. Gabe decided to give her some "war paint" on her face! Ha...her cheeks are still a little pinky!
It was such a wonderful party and I'm so thankful for all the friends and family that came to celebrate with us! It was great to see each and every one of you! I know someday Avery will look back at photos from her first birthday party and hopefully she will see how loved she is by all of you! It meant a lot to see each of you, so thank you for coming! What a fun celebration of Avery's first year! Happy Birthday sweet Avery!

I tried to get pictures of a lot of our guests. Unfortunately I didn't get everyone...

"War paint" and digging in...

here comes the "war paint"

She was being so neat while tasting the frosting...

My mom, Eileen and Maddie chatting...




Muttie and Pop Pop


Avery surrounded by the sweet Bailey boys!

The Bailey Bunch (sorry the sun is right in your face Amanda!)

David and Ali...and Elijah (on the way!)

Heather and her friend Lindsey

Sean, Robin and Emmy

Playing with her friend Emmy

Lex, Clark and Ava


Andrew and Meagan said...

Awww! what a fun party! i love your decorations, ash! you are so creative. And i also love your hair. did you get it cut? super cute! And Avery is just the perfect little birthday girl. So sweet. Can't wait to get to see her in person now that she's such a lady. :)

Anonymous said...

You did such a great job on her party Ash: the decorations, the food, her outfit...just perfect! Thanks for inviting us.