Saturday, March 6, 2010

Avery's Party Weekend-Part I

It was such a fun weekend celebrating Avery's first birthday! Her actual birthday is tomorrow (the 8th). Honestly, I planned her party for weeks ( or months) which was so much fun! We spent almost all of Friday baking cupcakes, cooking, decorating, etc. My sweet mom and friend Heather came to help me with everything, which was such a HUGE help! Thank you both so much for your help and company! Gabe stepped in during the cupcake decorating to show his talent in frosting too! :) Ha! Here are some pictures of our final day of party preparations! Avery didn't take a nap that day because there was so much going on! She definitely didn't want to miss any of the party excitement!

Fun pictures from her party to come...

Very tired...but she wanted to help decorate the cupcakes!

Cupcakes galore! And I even made more than this! We will be eating cupcakes for a year!

Snuggling with Yaya in the morning...


Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Wow - those are a lot of cupcakes!! They look super cute and yummy too!!

Steph Shaw said...

Happy Birthday sweet Avery!! I wish I were there!