Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blue eyed girl...

Beautiful blue eyed girl enjoying the beautiful day!

We spent so much time outside today, we loved it! One of Avery's new favorite things to do is building a "nest" in her rocking chair. She likes to put all her animals in her chair and then tries to fit herself. Many times she can't fit, which frustrates her, but she loves playing in her chair! She also loves bringing us her animals when we ask for a certain one. We get so excited because she knows most of them! Still learning which one is the goat though...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thunderbirds and Three Years

The last few days the USAF Thunderbirds (http://thunderbirds.airforce.com) have been practicing as they prepare for the Air Force Academy graduation, which is today. It has been amazing because since we live so close to the Air Force they have been flying right over our house and we have a perfect view of their show from our deck! I love the Thunderbirds! There is something about those jets that brings out the kid in me!! So the past few days I have been running out to our deck to capture a few photos of them as they fly by. Today we are going to a picnic at New Life where we will watch the actual show!

Three years! That's right...Gabe and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday!! Our sweet friends Heather and Jarred came over to hang out at the house after we put Avery to bed. That was a nice surprise, Gabe set that up without me knowing. So we got to go out for a nice anniversary dinner together! We went to the B & E Station in Palmer Lake ( its not really a filling station). Some friends of ours recommended it, the food was fantastic! We loved it! It is a very small, quaint, old house with white table clothe dining. We really enjoyed ourselves. Afterward we treated ourselves to some ice cream! I'm so thankful for Gabe, our friendship and marriage! Thank you for three wonderful years and many more to come!

Watching the Thunderbirds with Daddy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sister and Auntie

My sister and Avery's Auntie came to visit us today! She was so sweet to hang out with Avery for a couple of hours while I went cycling for the first time since I found out I was pregnant with Avery. It was such a blessing to me! My ride in the Air Force was invigorating! I feel so alive when I ride! It was so nice to start out with a 25 mile training ride; Elephant Rock is in a couple weeks so I needed to get out there! Thank you Ash!

Avery had a blast with her Auntie as usual! She loves her so much and reached for her a couple times today, which always makes Ash's day! She is such a wonderful Auntie to Avery!

It was so much fun to see you and hang out with you all day Ash!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Picnic at the park

Gabe met Avery and I at the park for a picnic! It was such a beautiful day! Avery spent most of her time walking/running around! Such a sweet time for our family!

Avery was helping me push her stroller!

She is so determined and focused!

Giving Momma a kiss!

She loves being on Daddy's shoulders!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our week

Its been a very low key week compared to the last, which has been both good and bad. Its always so much fun having people around and a busy schedule. We have enjoyed relaxing, but we are experiencing a bit of cabin fever since the weather hasn't been so great this week. We haven't been able to get out for walks, play on the deck, etc. So both Avery and I are ready for some much nicer weather! Bring on summer...please!

This has been our week!

Thankfully it ended with a fun trip to the Rockies game with Gabe's parents! Thankfully it didn't rain, but it was pretty chilly! We had a blast though and Avery loved her first trip to Coors Field!

Rockies won!!

Enough with the photos already...She was such a fun, sweet girl throughout the whole game! But she didn't want to do photos!
I think Avery had a mouth full of O's in this photo!

We went to Rockbottom before the game!
She's ready for Coors Field!

Eating O's...

This is how we found Avery at the end of her nap the other day...both legs out of the crib!

Having fun in the cabinets!

Supervising as I install our bike rack on the car. We haven't used it since we traded in my Passat (which was over 2 years ago!). I figured it was about time we did, so after much research I actually managed to install the bike rack! I must say...I was pretty proud! :) Avery was proud of her Momma too! Such a great helper!

Gabe came home at lunch and captured me in the process...

Now we just need to get on our bikes, especially before Elephant Rock on June 6th!

On Monday I was able to get together with some sweet girlfriends! We started getting together a couple of years ago as a "young pastors wives group". After many job transitions, etc. we are now just a group of friends, with babies and babies on the way! Its so much fun and healthy to get together with these girls. We talk pregnancy, babies, spirituality, etc. I always walk away encouraged and refreshed! Thanks girl, its always a blast! Right now there are three babies on the way. Two boys and one unknown! :)