Friday, May 14, 2010

Family Weekend- Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was another great day to add to the busy weekend! A big group of us went to the Olive Branch downtown for a really nice breakfast. I was so excited because Gabe wasn't supposed to be able to go since it was a Sunday, but last minute he was able to make some calls so he could join us! That made my day! He didn't get to stay the entire breakfast ( which is why he isn't in the group photo), but Avery and I were happy he was able to come! After breakfast those that were still in town came to our house for a bit to hang out. Then they all went their different ways. The three of us went for a walk and took Avery to the park in the afternoon. Such a wonderful Mother's Day! I am so thankful to be Avery's Momma!

I'm a happy Momma!

This photo is missing Cathy and Gabe...

Little Kyle is so sweet and calm!

Avery with Daddy at breakfast

Over the busy weekend, my mom helped me plant flowers! It used to be a tradition that we always did with her on Mother's Day. This time she helped me get flowers in my pots! So very nice of her! Thanks Mom! They look beautiful! I just wish it would stop snowing so I can get put them back out to be enjoyed!

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