Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Weekend- Part I

This weekend was so wonderful to see family! It was the first time all of my siblings and spouses have all been together since our wedding three years ago, so it was a very special time! The main event was my sister's ( Jenny) baby shower for their little boy who is due to arrive mid August. I had a blast hosting her shower at our house. I loved it!

Along with the shower we enjoyed Mexican at Jose Muldoons downtown, and for Mother's day we went to breakfast at the Olive Branch. Also, my Dad and Eileen provided BBQ catering at my house the night of the shower! It was delicious and wonderful not to worry about dinner for everyone! Thank you so much for doing that!

Most of my family stayed up the street at a hotel for the weekend, but my brother, his wife and 3 1/2 month son Kyle stayed at our house! It was so fun to see little David Kyle so much. It was my first time meeting our new nephew and he is such a handsome boy! I loved scooping him up and getting my "baby" fill. Avery is definitely not a baby anymore...kind of makes me sad, she is growing up so fast!

Overall, the weekend was wonderful. I hope my sister enjoyed her shower, she was definitely blessed with so many wonderful things for their little boy on the way!

I will let the photos explain the rest of the weekend. It will take a few posts to share the good ones I captured!

Here goes...

Meeting cousin Kyle for the first time...

Meeting my newest nephew for the firs time! I was so excited to scoop him up!

Eating off my plate...

Steph and Kevin at Jose Muldoons

Walking around downtown...

Avery had so much fun playing with her uncle Kevin!

He was pushing her around on the bassinet mattress...


Checking out her new book while sitting on her chalk...Yaya told her to sit on her chalk, and she did!

My mom bought Avery some cute summer clothes, sidewalk chalk and a book! What a sweet gift for Avery!!

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