Monday, June 27, 2011

Sophie is 1 month!

Finally, after a month, I got around to taking some "newborn" photos of Sophie. I meant to do this in the first week, but that just didn't happen. She isn't looking very newborn anymore, but I'm thankful I managed to get a few photos of her.

So far, she has been such an easy baby. She eats well and sleeps well. She has even made it a few 4 and 5 hour stretches at night. She doesn't sleep the greatest on her back, but we are working on that. I think once she can roll over she is going to be a tummy sleeper. She took her first bottle at 4 weeks and I plan to give her one once a day so we have flexibility. She did great with it. I wasn't sure if she would take it from me, but she loves Momma's milk however she can get it! :) She is growing like a weed! At her 2nd appointment she was 8.5 lbs, so she must be atleast 9 lbs now!

We sure love you Sophie girl...you add so much to our family! Your sister kisses and hugs you about a million times a day, you are so sweet and patient!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still here!

Wow...life is a lot busier with two girls! I'm hope to be back to blogging on a regular basis after I get a hang of having two kids! That still sounds weird to say I have "kids", but anyway, please bare with me for now please! While we are SO thankful for our two girls, it has been a bit challenging at times. We are all adjusting and I know it will only get easier. It must, otherwise everyone who has more than two kids is just crazy! :)

So, one of the many things we have been up to is transitioning Avery into her big girl bed. Unfortunately this transition came sooner than we would have liked. She was trying to climb out of her crib one day during naptime and got her knee stuck between two bars. I was finally able to free her knee, but it took a few minutes. That was enough to scare me and decide it was time for the big girl bed. She has done really well at night, but her naptimes have suffered. That has been really hard! BUT...each day gets a little better aAdd Imagend easier!

I took these photos the morning after her first night in her bed! I thought it was so cute she has turned around...she needs to figure out her head should stay on her pillow!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sophie's Video

I'm super impressed by this video Gabe made of Sophie's life so far...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

1 Week

Sophie is 1 week old! So far, she has been such a sweet and pleasant baby! Avery is in love with her baby sister and wants to be with her, hold her, kiss her, etc. at all times. She has only had a few moments of wanting "Mommy love" when I couldn't give it to her right away. I just love seeing Avery's caring and loving heart show as she loves on her baby sister. She is constantly saying and asking..."baby okay?"

We are so thankful for the gift that Sophie is to our family. What a joy it is to be a family of four!

Sophie at 1 week

We attempted to capture a sister picture today...quite the task!

Avery was saying "It's okay baby sister"