Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still here!

Wow...life is a lot busier with two girls! I'm hope to be back to blogging on a regular basis after I get a hang of having two kids! That still sounds weird to say I have "kids", but anyway, please bare with me for now please! While we are SO thankful for our two girls, it has been a bit challenging at times. We are all adjusting and I know it will only get easier. It must, otherwise everyone who has more than two kids is just crazy! :)

So, one of the many things we have been up to is transitioning Avery into her big girl bed. Unfortunately this transition came sooner than we would have liked. She was trying to climb out of her crib one day during naptime and got her knee stuck between two bars. I was finally able to free her knee, but it took a few minutes. That was enough to scare me and decide it was time for the big girl bed. She has done really well at night, but her naptimes have suffered. That has been really hard! BUT...each day gets a little better aAdd Imagend easier!

I took these photos the morning after her first night in her bed! I thought it was so cute she has turned around...she needs to figure out her head should stay on her pillow!

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Ashley B said...

She is one adorable little girl in her big girl bed!