Monday, June 27, 2011

Sophie is 1 month!

Finally, after a month, I got around to taking some "newborn" photos of Sophie. I meant to do this in the first week, but that just didn't happen. She isn't looking very newborn anymore, but I'm thankful I managed to get a few photos of her.

So far, she has been such an easy baby. She eats well and sleeps well. She has even made it a few 4 and 5 hour stretches at night. She doesn't sleep the greatest on her back, but we are working on that. I think once she can roll over she is going to be a tummy sleeper. She took her first bottle at 4 weeks and I plan to give her one once a day so we have flexibility. She did great with it. I wasn't sure if she would take it from me, but she loves Momma's milk however she can get it! :) She is growing like a weed! At her 2nd appointment she was 8.5 lbs, so she must be atleast 9 lbs now!

We sure love you Sophie girl...you add so much to our family! Your sister kisses and hugs you about a million times a day, you are so sweet and patient!


Dani said...

What sweet pictures of Sophie! :) Happy 1 month! I saw you updated at 5 in the morning...lol

Making the Most said...

You took excellent shots mama! I can't wait to meet her. She is so precious. I am glad Avery is loving on her!