Thursday, June 2, 2011

1 Week

Sophie is 1 week old! So far, she has been such a sweet and pleasant baby! Avery is in love with her baby sister and wants to be with her, hold her, kiss her, etc. at all times. She has only had a few moments of wanting "Mommy love" when I couldn't give it to her right away. I just love seeing Avery's caring and loving heart show as she loves on her baby sister. She is constantly saying and asking..."baby okay?"

We are so thankful for the gift that Sophie is to our family. What a joy it is to be a family of four!

Sophie at 1 week

We attempted to capture a sister picture today...quite the task!

Avery was saying "It's okay baby sister"


meg + andy said...

So sweet! love the pictures!

Steph Shaw said...

So precious! Welcome sweet Sophie Elizabeth! I'm in love with her already. Avery is so sweet to make sure she is "okay":-) What a beautiful family hope you're enjoying these first moments...

Making the Most said...

Congrats Ash! She is beautiful, and I am so glad that Avery is loving on her baby sister. Enjoy the girls! You look wonderful, by the way!