Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our week

Its been a very low key week compared to the last, which has been both good and bad. Its always so much fun having people around and a busy schedule. We have enjoyed relaxing, but we are experiencing a bit of cabin fever since the weather hasn't been so great this week. We haven't been able to get out for walks, play on the deck, etc. So both Avery and I are ready for some much nicer weather! Bring on summer...please!

This has been our week!

Thankfully it ended with a fun trip to the Rockies game with Gabe's parents! Thankfully it didn't rain, but it was pretty chilly! We had a blast though and Avery loved her first trip to Coors Field!

Rockies won!!

Enough with the photos already...She was such a fun, sweet girl throughout the whole game! But she didn't want to do photos!
I think Avery had a mouth full of O's in this photo!

We went to Rockbottom before the game!
She's ready for Coors Field!

Eating O's...

This is how we found Avery at the end of her nap the other day...both legs out of the crib!

Having fun in the cabinets!

Supervising as I install our bike rack on the car. We haven't used it since we traded in my Passat (which was over 2 years ago!). I figured it was about time we did, so after much research I actually managed to install the bike rack! I must say...I was pretty proud! :) Avery was proud of her Momma too! Such a great helper!

Gabe came home at lunch and captured me in the process...

Now we just need to get on our bikes, especially before Elephant Rock on June 6th!

On Monday I was able to get together with some sweet girlfriends! We started getting together a couple of years ago as a "young pastors wives group". After many job transitions, etc. we are now just a group of friends, with babies and babies on the way! Its so much fun and healthy to get together with these girls. We talk pregnancy, babies, spirituality, etc. I always walk away encouraged and refreshed! Thanks girl, its always a blast! Right now there are three babies on the way. Two boys and one unknown! :)

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Andrew and Meagan said...

We're ready for some warm weather too! Ash, I'm very impressed with your ability to install the bike rack- way to go! :)