Friday, August 12, 2011

"Purple Castle"

Last week my Mom, Uncle Bill and Cousin Paul who are both from South Carolina stayed with us. They had planned for a "hiking week" for quite some time and it was finally time to check a 14ner or two off their list. My mom has done quite a few now. On their rest days we were able to hang out with them. One of the days, we went to Garden of the Gods and experienced the "purple castle" with them. The "purple castle" is a very old and tiny restuarant downtown that my sisters have recommended. Avery loved eating in the "purple castle"! This place literally has about six seats! It was a great local experience and the food was delicious! We went for lunch, but I have heard their breakfast is yummy too! The actual name is King's Chef Diner so if you live in the Springs you should go experience it for yourselves!

Avery and Cousin Paul sitting at the counter in the "Purple Castle"

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