Monday, February 15, 2010

Wrestling and Valentine's Day

The Regional wrestling tournament always lands on Valentine's Day weekend, which isn't an issue because we have never made a huge deal out of Valentine's Day. I told G that as long as he cherishes me, then I'm good with that! And thankfully he does a very good job at that on a regular basis! So, Avery and I went up to stay at my Dad's on Friday night so we could go to the tournament on Saturday. On Friday afternoon we got together with Ali, which was so much fun to see her pregnant! Wish we could have chatted longer, but Avery had definitely hit her wall of patience. She did really good though.

We had fun hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma's for a night. Avery spent most of the night showing off her new walking skills. She didn't sleep very well, but I'm glad we got to see them.

On Saturday we went out for a girls lunch and then Avery and I went to Heritage to watch some wrestling! G's team qualified 2 guys for state! We are very proud of G's hard work over this wrestling season. It has been an extremely busy work season overall for G, so we are VERY thankful for him! There is absolutely no way I could be a stay at home momma without G's hard work. He is an amazing provider and leader for our family! Back to the wrestling..Avery did so well, she was so patient to sit there for 3 hours or so. She definitely loves being with her Daddy and cheering on his team!

For Valentine's Day, we had our normal Sunday morning routine. G was so tired after the full weekend of wrestling and teaching at church and I was running on practically no sleep while trying to get over a cold. So, we went to Chipotle as a family for VDay...that was my preference and idea! It was perfect for our family! Thank you G for loving us the way you do. We are very blessed to be your girls and we love you very much!

Our Valentine girl all bundled up to go to church! She was so tired that after I put her jacket and hat on, she just lied there until I was ready to walk out the door. Such a sweetie!

Avery was barely hanging on...she got so tired at the wrestling tournament

Showing off her walking skills!

Grandpa and Grandma!
Auntie Ash

Playing a game with Grandpa!


Steph Shaw said...

Love it! And, I love the pics with Gpa! So cute!

Nathan and Dani said...

What a good little walker! Yay Avery! :) Your pictures this week are so sweet Ashley! I bet you are getting excited for the big birthday!