Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A VERY special party to plan...

Yes, we are getting ready for A VERY special PARTY! My sweet friend Heather made Avery a tutu for her first birthday party and today Avery got to try it on for the first time! She loved it! She looked absolutely precious walking around in it! She was so intrigued by it! Heather just needs to shorten it up a bit for our petite little one and then it will be perfect for her fun celebration! Thank you so much Heather for putting the time into this perfect gift for Avery! You are such a dear friend!

I ordered Avery a special shirt for her birthday off of Etsy.com! Inital Here Gifts did a great job, I love how it turned out!

Let the party planning and preparation continue!! We are so excited for it!

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Andrew and Meagan said...

SO cute Ash! i keep seeing those tutu's on little girls and they are so cute- especially for bdays...maybe i'll have to search out a couple for my girls. ;)And her 1yr shirt is adorable too! Oh, and we are really, really wanting to come to the party...i don't know A's schedule yet... but wouldn't that be fun to see our girls together?! :)