Thursday, February 11, 2010

What we've been up to...

Its been a busy, but very fun week! I had some girlfriends over on Tuesday night! It's always great to see these girls. We started getting together ( mainly 4 of us) a couple of years ago when all of our husbands worked together. It started out as a "Pastor's wives group", but has now turned into somewhat of a "Mommy group". None of our husbands work together anymore, but I'm thankful we have continued to get together just us women! Since we started getting together, 3 of us have had babies and Sarah is now pregnant and expecting in June! I wish we got together more often, but with everyone's busy lives we plan a get together every other month ( I know, doesn't seem like much, but the months fly by). We invite other women too, so this week we got to meet Jessica who is also expecting! So fun to talk prego and mommy talk! I made some red velvet cupcakes for a cute Valentine look!
The rest of this week has been busy with random projects, party planning, laundry, teething, seeing friends and tonight we have a group of ministry leaders for BASE56 coming over for a meeting.
Tomorrow, G's regionals wrestling tournament starts up in Denver. So Avery and I are headed up to stay at my Dad's for the night and then we will catch some of the tournament on Saturday. I will definitely be taking pictures this weekend! Hope you have all had a great week!

Here are some cute pictures of the walking and teething girl! She has been walking so much more on her own! And she is definitely teething! She now has 3 teeth on the top!!

A loves her bathtime every night!

A took a short afternoon nap in her highchair of all places! She was watching her praise video and fell asleep...very cute!

Valentine Cupcakes! I meant to take a picture of all us girls that night and totally forgot. I ended up having the worst stomach ache while they were over, so my brain wasn't thinking. I didn't even try the cupcakes until the next day...


Nathan and Dani said...

Avery looks so sweet sleeping in her high chair!

Steph Shaw said...

Nice Valentine cupcakes! Looks like you girls have fun together and so glad you can keep meeting up!

Steph Shaw said...

Oh, and i LOVE the videos of Avery walking (and with her walker toy -- she is so speedy!)