Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yay...its Friday! These pictures are from awhile back, but my little sister just sent them to me and I just love them! Avery is such a fun, playful, sweet girl! This week has been rough though...we think she is teething but she has been running fevers and has been very sad! We almost took her to the doctor yesterday, but her fever had started going down. We will see how she does today. It is so sad when she doesn't feel good and we can tell shes in pain. Hopefully she will have some new teeth very soon and be back to her old self!

Also, I hope she perks up a little bit this morning because we have a photoshoot scheduled with MCKMAMA!! I'm very excited!

Have a great Friday everyone!


Andrew and Meagan said...

cute pics ash- you and your girl are simply beautiful!

Steph Shaw said...

looks like such fun! cute buddies!