Friday, February 19, 2010


We are really missing Gabe this weekend. He is away at State Wrestling, so its a girls weekend. We are ready for G to come home though.This is the second night of him being away, and we are ready! I can't imagine if he had to travel a lot with his work. I have a whole new appreciation for Mom's who do this on a regular basis (Meagan, you are amazing!). I'm used to being with Avery all day, but I always look forward to G coming home from work. I usually end up talking his ear off ( usually when he wants to chill), but he is always so sweet to let me talk after long days of being home. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love and am so thankful to be a stay at home mom, but I do enjoy adult conversations! I have been trying to get together more often with friends, which has been wonderful, but G always gets to listen to me when I'm most chatty!

We have stayed pretty busy while G has been gone. We have run many errands, done much party prep, cleaned, done laundry, played, but unfortunately it hasn't included many naps. I have had a tough time getting Avery to nap lately. I think its because I'm starting to wean her from nursing. So she is used to nursing to sleep for her naptimes, but now she doesn't nurse at those times. We have cut the nursing times down to only 2 ( morning and night). I think it will eventually get easier, but right now its a bit of a struggle since her routine is being changed. Hopefully soon we will have a NEW ROUTINE! I love routines and so does Avery!
So, that's what we're up to!

Attempted to get a good picture of us this afternoon! Wasn't really happening, but I sure do love my buddy!

Have a great weekend!!

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Andrew and Meagan said...

Ahh Ash! i wish i lived closer so we could hang out. i'd love to be "chatty" with you! :) thanks for your comment:) of course we love our children but its tough to be constantly giving without a break. :)
love you!