Monday, April 2, 2012

Yaya's Birthday-Greeley Visit

We went up to Greeley last weekend to see my Mom and to celebrate her birthday with her! All four of us haven't been there in a long time, so it was fun to go as a family. On Friday we stopped by my Mom's kindergarten class. Avery loved being in school and seeing Yaya's classroom! We made an important trip to JB's for root beer coolers, which is a must every time we visit Greeley. Later on we all went out for a birthday dinner.
On Saturday, We took the girls to the Cozy Cow Dairy Farm. We took Avery there last year. It's a fun little dairy farm and has delicious ice cream! We didn't get to see the milking of the cows this time, but we all enjoyed a picnic, ate ice cream and had fun!

Happy Birthday Mom!
We loved celebrating your special day with you!

Yaya with her Jenkins girls!

Sophie had her eye on Yaya's ice cream. She hasn't had her first taste of ice cream just yet...
Avery digging into her ice cream!

Gabe had fun teaching himself how to play guitar from his iphone

First pot of tea in Yaya's new teapot!

We started Yaya's birthday off with cinnamon rolls!

On Friday night, I got to see Meagan and Dani. They were so sweet to host a Thirty-One party. It was wonderful catching up with wine and dessert. I so wish we lived in the same city! Love you girls! Thanks for hosting the party!

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Audra and Roger said...

What a great picture of all the adorable mommies:) I'm looking forward to using my Thirty One diaper bag when baby gets here...and might need to look into some accessories to go with it. I love your family's cinnamon roll bday tradition and think I am going to adopt it:) I also love your cute boots and the way you rock them! Hope to see you soon my dear friend.