Friday, April 13, 2012

Keeping it fresh!

I can't tell you how giddy I am about our new curtains for our family room! Because we are renting our house and I originally didn't know if we would live here longer than a year and a half, I didn't touch the existing curtains for that entire amount of time. But, now that we will be continuing our lease, I decided we need to make this room look more like "us". And the first item to change was the curtains!

Here is the BEFORE:
These curtains make the room seem so dark and I never liked that they weren't floor length.
And now for the lovely curtains I had custom made from the shop Sew Devine on Etsy.com...

I absolutely love them, they make my heart happy!

I love this view from the front door now...so bright and cheery to me!

I just purchased some pillow covers to add to the freshness!
Now, I will continue selling our unused/unwanted items on Craigslist so I can continue the decorating fun! I get such a thrill out of a successful Craigslist sell!


Barb said...

Nice job Ashley!!

Love the curtains...happy colors.

meg + andy said...

LOVE these Ash! They make such a huge difference-great choice! :)