Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

He is RISEN!
He is RISEN indeed!
We had to wake the girls up in order for them to see their Easter baskets while Daddy was still home. Easter is obviously one of the busiest days of the year for Gabe at work and we took the girls to early service, so it was an early morning! They had fun looking through their baskets even though they were still waking up. Sophie was in a sleepy daze, but Avery helped her look at what Jesus blessed her with. We have decided to forgo the idea of the Easter Bunny bringing their baskets. We feel it's super important for them to realize that everything we are ever given, is always a gift from the Lord. After all, it is about HIM and what HE did for us! We want that revelation to sink into their precious hearts at an early age.

Thank you Jesus for sacrificing your life for us!
Jesus is ALIVE!

Avery helping Sophie. Sophie's thinking "Am I dreaming right now?"

Our family photo at church

I'm so blessed by these two blue-eyed sweeties!

We thought Gabe had to work the evening service, but to our surprise, he had the night off. So, we decided to celebrate by going to Gunther Toody's for milkshakes. We have talked about taking the girls there for a long time, so it was a fun outing! Seems a bit funny to go there on Easter, but I definitely hadn't cooked up a fancy meal thinking it would just be me and the girls.

Our attempt at a head shot of the four of us!

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