Thursday, July 1, 2010

Slater Wedding

Last weekend I went to Virginia to attend Kim and Andy's wedding! Kim and I have been friends since the first grade, so I can't even imagine missing her wedding. She and I dreamed and talked about our weddings for years, so it was such a blessing to be there with her! It was a much needed girls weekend, but I definitely missed Gabe and Avery! It was a beautiful, Christ centered wedding! I'm so happy for Mr. and Mrs. Slater!

Of course...the photos go backwards...

Congrats you two!

Happy Honeymoon!
Jess, me, Mrs. Slater, and Audra!

Dancing their way out!

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Slater!

They took communion together during their ceremony

Exchanging their vows with one another...

So beautiful and so happy to see her groom!

Kim's mom looking at the guestbook and photos

Aud signing the guest book

She's ready and so, so beautiful!

Kim and her sister, Nikki

Nikki getting her hair done...
Almost done getting ready...make-up time!

Kim's friend Nifer. It was so much fun meeting her and hanging out!

Texting with her groom

At the rehearsal dinner


Kim and her Dad!

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Audra and Roger said...

Great pictures Ash! It was so much fun to see you and hang out for the weekend. Love you!