Sunday, June 27, 2010

Way behind...

I'm way behind...a few weekends ago, Gabe went out to Monterey, CA to visit his brother. While he was away, Avery and I spent two days in Greeley with my Mom and then went to stay at my Dads for Father's Day. I will let the photos do all the talking!

She wasn't sure about the pool at first, but she ended up loving it. She didn't want to hold on to Momma anymore. She needs some floaties so she can swim on her own!

Fun with her Auntie Ash
Getting a few bites of milkshake from Grandpa!

This girl loves rocks!

Testing out the water with Grandma
Hanging out with Dixie Dog at my Mom's house

Loves to smell the flowers

Playing with my friend Meagan's kids. Will wouldn't let me take a picture of him...he was hiding!
Meagan and her twin girlies...Sophie and Madeline
Trying to get a picture of all of them...

Pushing the wagon
Wagon time with Yaya!

We had quite the train going...Dixie in the lead!

Playing in the yard

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Andrew and Meagan said...

awww, such sweet pictures! it was so, so great seeing you. having you just drop by 2 days in a row made it feel like you lived down the street- wouldn't that be amazing!? love you Ash!