Monday, June 7, 2010

Zoo, sickness and pool time!

Just doing a little catch up... this is what we were up to over the last week. We went with my friend Becky and her daughter Ashlyne to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! We joined some of Becky's friends there as well, so it was fun to go with a group and meet some other moms. Avery wasn't too fond of the giraffes, they got way up in her face! But other than that, I think she enjoyed seeing the different animals.
The day after the zoo she came down with an ear infection. We quickly got her on some meds, so she is on the mend. That hasn't kept us from having some fun pool time! She tried out her little pool for the first time. Such a pool time cutie!

So cuddly when shes sick...
poor sick girl

Checking out the Elephants!

Its such a beautiful view of Colorado Springs in the background!

love my zoo buddy!

Ashlyne and Avery waiting for their Mommy's...they were ready to see some animals!

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Andrew and Meagan said...

i can't get over how cute and chubby avery is! don't you just LOVE it?! :)