Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend in Durango

Avery, my Mom and I went to Durango this past weekend to visit my sister Jenny and her husband Adam. It was great to see them one last time before their first son, Coby, arrives sometime in August. They recently purchased a home, so they have been super busy doing HUGE home projects ; they have done amazing work so far! It was so nice to see where they live and to see some of the finished work that I have heard much about. I was able to help them move some furniture into their newly built master bedroom and my mom helped paint.

While we were there, my mom and I got some great training in for the Copper Triangle. My sister was so sweet to watch Avery for a few hours so we could get out and ride. The first day we rode to Durango Mountain Resort which totaled 60 miles that day. It was probably the hardest ride I have ever done ( more difficult than the MS150 with two 75 mile days back to back). Great training mountain hills and the gradual hill leading back up to my sisters house is torturous! I was thankful to get the miles in since our ride is a just over week away. The second day we did an easy 15 mile ride along the Animas River, it was a beautiful and light ride. We met up with Avery, Jenny and Adam at the Farmers Market after riding. It was a perfect morning for walking around the farmers market and around town. We spent the rest of the weekend just hanging out, trying to help with some of their projects and sitting around their fire pit. They celebrated their 4th anniversary over the weekend so they grilled an exquisite meal for us and made homemade ice cream! It seems like we should have made it for them. They have such a gift of hospitality!
Avery spent a lot of time pushing her baby throughout their house and deck. They have a perfect ranch style home for a toddler. She had a blast visiting her Auntie and Uncle!

Tuckered out after a busy weekend...

Day 2: Animas River Trail

Day 1: 60 mile ride to Durango Mountain Resort ( seriously kicked my bum!)

Check out that hill!

I love her face in this photo!

Fun in the car!

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Steph Shaw said...

Looks like you all had such a fun weekend! Way to go on the biking - that's intense.