Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Patch time

Last week we finally got Avery in to see an eye Doctor. We have noticed for awhile now that her left eye rolls off to the side very frequently and she also squints that eye the majority of the time.
So...we found out that our Avery has exotropia. A condition of outward turning of the eye. Before jumping right to surgery, which many children have to endure. The Doctor wants us to start patching her eye for an hour a day. As you can imagine, for a 1 year old, a patch isn't a very pleasant experience. We are still trying to work up to the hour. Bless her heart. she can't see very well out of her left eye, so she stumbles a lot with the patch on.
We would SO appreciate your prayers for Avery. We are believing in healing for her eye and just ask for you all to stand with us! Also pray that the patch wearing would get easier...she fights it! Thank you so much and we will be sure to keep you updated. She goes back to the Dr. on August 30th and the decision will be made about surgery.

Her paci helps her keep the patch on longer...distracts her a little bit!


Jenn said...

i had this as a kid! i had to wear a patch on my right eye...but I never had to get the surgery. I did however, need glasses at the age of 2! crazy!

Steph Shaw said...

It's a cute patch!

Todd, Erin, Taylor and Kamrynn said...

Cutest patch ever!! She looks darling! I'll keep little Avery in my prayers!

Linda Wightman (SursumCorda) said...

Hi! I'm sure you've researched a lot, but let me encourage you to get a second (or third) opinion before taking the surgery route. Based on what little I've read, it seems the problem is often not simply muscular, but neuro-muscular, and there are therapies available that work (without surgery) on the brain/eye connection. Worth looking into, anyway.

Linda (Janet Stuecklin's mother)