Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gabe's Birthday

Gabe turned 31 on January 11th. My sweet friend Lex came over the night before his birthday to stay at the house while the girls were sleeping so I could take Gabe out for a Birthday date. Any guesses where we went? I had a few places in mind, but we stuck to what we love. Chipotle! We love going to the downtown Chipotle! It makes us feel like we are in a completely different city when we go downtown. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Gabe's actual Birthday began with singing, candles and cinnamon rolls but I'm pretty sure he would not be ok with me posting the GREAT photo of him just waking up! So I will leave that photo out. We celebrated with cake at lunch because Gabe had a wrestling dual that night.

We sure love you Gabe, Happy Birthday!!

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