Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yaya and Gigi

It was a blessing to see Yaya and Gigi a few days after Christmas. My Grandma (Gigi) was visiting from South Carolina so she and my mom came down to the Springs to stay a night and hang out with us. They were able to come watch Avery at her "play& learn" class at Gymboree. Thanks to my Mom, we signed Avery up for five consecutive weeks of classes at Gymboree. We have completed all five classes, but she absolutely loved it. It was such a nice activity for her and challenged her in many ways. We are now looking to start her in Gymnastics!

"There are bubbles in the air, in the air"

Sophie always enjoyed the class too!
She kicked with excitement with all the music and dancing we did.

Sophie with her Gigi

Avery is a great climber!

I love this photo of Avery and Yaya because I see such a resemblance in their faces!

Last weekend the girls and I went up to Greeley to hang out with my Mom for a night. We hadn't been up there since July, so it was way overdue for us to make a trip up there! It was wonderful to spend more time with Yaya!

We took the girls to the park at my Mom's school. It was freezing out so it was quick, but it was fun to get outside! Sophie stayed warm and cozy! I just love her beautiful big blue eyes!

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