Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow Day!

We got pounded with snow yesterday! It was the ultimate snow day including hot cocoa, family time, movies, and pajamas! Gabe and Avery managed to get out for a walk to the mailbox down the street. It was a quick trip and Avery wasn't interested in playing in the snow once they returned from their walk because it was so cold. Gabe humored us with canon balling into our huge snow drift in our backyard later in the day. His goal was to make us laugh, he certainly did!

I hope you get a laugh out of it too!

He survived!

After their walk to get the mail

Avery loves feeding Sophie.
Sophie was so happy her big sister was feeding her!

Maybe today we'll get out and play in the snow! But today might look a lot like yesterday, except Daddy is at a wrestling tournament. I hope to get out a shovel!

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