Saturday, October 30, 2010

PJ Pumpkin Carving!

This morning we had a pajama pumpkin carving party! Since Gabe has a football game tonight, we needed to carve our pumpkins, especially before tomorrow! Avery wasn't so sure about the slimy insides, but eventually helped put one seed at a time in the bowl. We did have two large pumpkins to carve, but sadly one of them was stolen off our front porch this week. Not happy about that!

She was not happy when we put her on the table for this picture...she only likes being on the table when she sneeks up there on her own!

J for Jenkins!



Andrew and Meagan said...

so cute- i love avery's little pig tails!

Nathan and Dani said...

I agree with Meagan! That's the one thing I looked at in every picture!! When did she get hair long enough for that? :) What a cutie pie!