Sunday, October 17, 2010

Football and Pumpkins!

I'm a little behind on blogging, so I'm updating you on our last two weekends. This weekend, we took Avery to the Wishing Star Pumpkin Farm out in Black Forest! She saw many animals, went down the Hay slide a couples times with Daddy, rode the barrel ride with me, and picked out our pumpkins. They had so much to do there for the kids! It will be fun to take her back next year when she is a bit bigger! I think she liked the slide and barrel ride the best. She kept saying "choo choo"! We let her find the pumpkins she liked, she was cute running through all those pumpkins!

She actually pet the Donkey, she wasn't so sure of the other animals...

Last weekend, we went to the Air Force vs CSU football game here in the Springs. I was torn about who to cheer for. I'm a Ram at heart, but I also consider myself a Falcon fan since I have lived in the Springs for almost 4 years now. I'm so glad we made it to this game. It brought back many memories from CSU, being on the Golden Poms, etc. It was fun to hear the band and watch the poms do some of the same dances! My stint on the dance team at CSU was cut short because of my knee surgery, but the few games I did were a lot of fun! I ended up wearing one of my Air Force shirts, and they ended up winning. It was a great game. The Zachman's went with us too, so that was fun! Avery loves football and had a blast at the game! We weren't sure how she would do since the game was during her nap time, but she was a trooper! She fell asleep before we could get out of the parking lot, but was a joy during the game! I think her favorite part was watching the parachutes before the game. It was sweet, one of the parachuters proposed at the 50 yard line after he landed! All of the women at the game loved that!

John and Jessica

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