Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Avery started swim lessons with her friend Jane last week! So far it has been quite the experience, but she has made progress each lesson, so I'm very proud of her. She isn't the biggest fan of swim lessons...YET! :) She cried through the entire first session, but the last one she only cried through half! She started to like floating on her back while leaning against her Momma. I'm just thankful we are doing them! Thanks to Avery's Yaya ( My mom) , its Avery's early Christmas present! Thank you mom!!

Gabe came to our last lesson to get some photos! It was fun having him there with us!

Singing the "Hokey Pokey"!

Getting her ears under the water!

"The Wheels on the Bus"...

Avery and Jane waiting for the first swim lesson!

Last week was still so nice and hot out. So we went over to Becky's to play in Ashlyne's pool, Devon and her little girl Taylor came over as well! They had fun in the pool for a little while and then the girls enjoyed a picnic inside. It was so cute watching the three of them eat at that table!

Baby Taylor...she is growing up so fast!


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