Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Pumpkin!

For Halloween, we took Avery trick-or-treating for the first time. She really got a hang of it and had fun! She was the cutest little pumpkin we have ever seen! She started saying trick-or-treat which was very cute! She stopped mid way to check out what kind of candy she had in her pumpkin. Gabe had to work all night since New Life had a family movie night, but he was able to sneak away for a short time so we could take her to a few houses.
We also took her to the church to eat dinner and play in the jump houses. They had a toddler room, so they were the perfect size for her. She had a blast jumping around! She watched about ten minutes of Monsters Inc. too, but she was tired from all the jumping!
On a side note, Avery took quite the spill in the morning ( or was throwing a fit) and cut right outside of her eye on our bed frame...you might be able to see her boo boo! That was her first time to bleed from an injury! Poor girl. Thankfully its healing up pretty quickly!


Audra and Roger said...

Too cute! I love the one of her looking at her candy:)

Steph Shaw said...

What a cute Halloween pumpkin!!!