Monday, September 27, 2010

Packed Weekend!

This weekend we had a baby shower for my sister Steph (from NYC) who is expecting Baby Johnson in November. They don't know what they are having yet, so we are all anxiously awaiting that surprise announcement! The shower was up at my Aunt Diana's house; she did such a beautiful job with everything. I was a co-host, but practically did nothing except buy some things for Steph. Thanks Aunt D for all you did!
This weekend was also my chance to meet my new Nephew, Dawson Coby, for the first time. Jenny and Adam live in Durango, so we were waiting for this weekend to meet him since they were coming to the shower! He is absolutely precious and such a peaceful baby! It was a joy to meet him and cuddle him as much as possible! I soaked it up! It was fun to see Jenny and Adam with their new son...they are naturals!
Unfortunately Gabe wasn't with Avery and I for most of the weekend. He had a game on Friday night and went to a Men's retreat near Winter Park on Saturday Night. Thankfully he was able to meet up with us on Sunday for a family lunch at PF Changs.
Avery and I had planned on staying at my Dad's house on Friday and Saturday night. BUT...we had a rough night Friday. She only slept 5 hours ( she usually sleeps 12), so she wasn't the happiest camper all day Saturday at the shower. By the end of that day...I was exhausted myself, so I decided we needed to drive home to get a good nights rest before another full day in Denver. It was worth it to drive back because we both slept like champs that night and we both needed it!
Overall...it was a wonderful weekend seeing family. We probably won't all be together for awhile now ( my bro and his family couldn't make it). So every opportunity we get to be together is a blessing! Aside from not sleeping, Avery did have a blast at Grandma and Grandpa's house! And she got to see her Yaya too!

I will post shower photos in a separate post!

Helping Grandpa wash his new car!

Auntie Ash helping Aves
Spraying Momma!

Grandpa teaching Avery how to wash a car!

Aves with my Aunt D and Auntie Steph

Yaya with her newest Grandson, Coby

Avery and Grandpa had a blast playing this game together!

It was Madi's homecoming on Friday night...can you believe she is only 15!? She looked beautiful!

"Baby" imitating baby Coby

Coby feeling grass for the first time...with his momma!
Avery loved the playhouse and slide at Grandpa and Grandma's house!

And the high tech play kitchen!
Monkey boy!
Meeting Coby for the first time! He is so sweet!

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