Sunday, September 12, 2010

Full of Sports...

This weekend has been full of sports for us...but we love it! We went to Gabe's football game against Pine Creek (the school he coached at for 4 years until switching to Rampart), but unfortunately that didn't go so well. Gabe might not fully believe it after that game, but he is an amazing coach! He really is meant to be one...so proud! He is so determined to continue to work hard and persevere! Sports are so wonderful, but can be so hard as well. Anyone with a competitive side knows that!!

Yesterday, we went to the Rockies game with Gabe's parents. They were so nice to treat us to dinner and the game! Thank you guys, we had a blast! We were so happy we could go, because earlier we took Avery to Urgent Care. We thought she had an ear infection because she cried most the morning, sneezing and throwing herself everywhere saying "ouweee" I thought for sure she had an ear infection after going to Gabe's game on Friday ( it was colder than expected). Turns out she didn't and she perked up right when we saw the Dr. So we decided she was good to go and she did GREAT at the game! She's a true Rockies fan! She didn't want to miss the game either! The Rockies won, so their winning streak continues! Avery got to meet Dinger at the end of the game. It was fun to grab a picture with him, but she was scared out of her mind!

Thanks for such a fun night at the game! We love you Muttie and Pop Pop!

Here she is gripping onto me..."Momma, get me away from whatever this guy is!"

Checking Dinger out...not so sure!
I'm laughing because we had to convince him to let us take a picture, he was heading in.

With her Muttie and Pop Pop!

Yay Rox!

You can see Gabe giving his post game speech to the players...

Avery flirting with Caleb ( my friend Amanda's cute son)...so funny!

Gabe heading out to huddle with his defense

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Looks like a fun weekend with Gabe's parents