Monday, September 6, 2010


Rampart won their first game on Friday! They defeated Gateway 30-0! What a great start to the season! I'm so proud of our coach and all of his hard work so far this year (football season really starts in May, not August)! But Gabe and the team have worked so hard, so they deserved a WIN! We are so proud!

Avery and I carpooled up to Aurora with Jess and Diane (2 other coaches wives). We had a car full of girlies, so much fun!
After the game, we went out for pizza with the coaches, players and families! Avery was up until 11pm...but was happy to celebrate the win! She is a party girl!

We like when Gabe is happy after his games!!

Yay...Gabe's defense played awesome!

Go Rams!

Maddie ( Jess' oldest daughter)

Morgan (Jess' middle daughter)

Watching her Daddy's team!

Coaches wives...Diane and Jess

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