Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So many FIRSTS!

The last week has been filled with many FIRSTS! Avery is just growing up on us! We have loved every minute of watching her grow up, but it truly does go so fast! I would also like to mention that she slept about 9 hours lastnight...that is a record! I could get used to that!

Can you tell she loves to fly with her Daddy?

Her first trip to a lake. We went to Chatfield Reservoir with some friends the other day.

She loves hanging out in her highchair while I cook dinner! I love having her at my level, we have a lot to talk about while we cook!

Her first time in her new highchair! She was excited to eat applesauce. So far she has had rice cereal, applesauce and her newest liking is bananas!

Her first time ride forward in her stroller without the infant carrier! I couldn't believe she was already ready for this, but she loved looking out! That makes me a little sad because I can't look at her on our walks anymore...
Reading her bible

One of her first times sitting up! "Look, no hands Mommy!"


Todd, Erin, Taylor and Baby #2 said...

Avery is just adorable!!

Andrew and Meagan said...

yay! more pictures! Avery is just adorable as ever and i love the first picture of her up in the air! She is so precious!
love, meagan

Steph Shaw Johnson said...

I miss you smiley AVERY! Your auntie Stephie misses you so much!!!