Monday, August 10, 2009

Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs

On one of our vacation days, we took Avery to Garden of the Gods for the first time. We walked around for a bit and then made our way to Manitou Springs where we enjoyed some great Mexican food at "The Loop". Oh, and I can't forget to mention that we made a Sonic stop beforehand. We love sonic! I think we went there almost everyday to catch happy hour! Avery loves sonic too...she really wants our drinks!

Yummy Vanilla Diet Coke!


Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Beautiful pics! Avery is smiling more and more. Looks like a great time vaca in town. And, love the Sonic drinks! YUM

Nathan and Dani said...

Ashley, I feel like I'm looking in a mirror of our life when I look at your blog! :) I wish we lived closer! I bet that Avery & Jane would be friends. I bet that they will look back at pictures and think they spent 90% of their first year of life in the Baby Bjorn! Haha! :) Avery is beautiful!