Monday, August 10, 2009

First trip to the ZOO

Gabe took last week off from work, so thankfully we got to enjoy another Colorado Springs Vacation. There is so many tourist activities to do around here, so we thought we would continue down the list of many things to do! It was wonderful to spend time as a family before the busyness of the football season begins!
The first item on the list of things to do was to take Avery to the zoo for the first time! She was wide eyed the entire time. There was so much for her to take in and process that I don't think she smiled at all, she was way too interested in the animals to take time to smile. She spent her time studying them! We think her favorite animal was the giraffe, so we spent a lot of time looking at them. We had been telling her about the giraffes for a long time because she has a stuffed music giraffe of her own. She got to see them right up close!
Thanks to my mom, we were able to get a video camera just in time before going to the zoo! It was fun to capture Avery on video! Hopefully I can get that onto the computer soon to show you all!

Our trip to the zoo was such a fun day and a great way to start off another vacation together!

We saw this hippo walk out of the water, he is HUGE!

Avery was a little bummed the Elephants weren't out...

She is studying those giraffes

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Steph Shaw Johnson said...

Whoa, what are all those big animals, Avery? How fun!!