Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Morning

We decided a few years back that it's very important to us to spend Christmas morning at our home. So, once again, we had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas morning! I think I was more excited about the girls opening their presents because I barely slept at all the night before. I got up early, made pancakes and egg,s and waited for everyone else to wake up. Thankfully, the girls woke up around 6am so I didn't have to wait any longer! :)  I have always been a morning person, especially on Christmas morning!

Such a perfect Christmas morning with our little family!

 The remote controlled cars we got them were the "hit" of the morning! They played with them non-stop for over an hour after opening them!

They eventually learned how to drive them in different directions...:)

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Dani said...

Love the pictures! Jane & Henry got remote cars too! :)